Iowa is known nationwide as being an agriculture state. And it is. Ask someone from... New York what comes to mind when they hear 'Iowa'. Chances are they'll say 'corn fields'. Or maybe 'Field of Dreams' if they're a savvy baseball fan. Well, Iowa is also very well know for its pork producing. One farm in fact is so well known for bringing home the bacon (literally) that you can purchase it anywhere in the United States! Yep, that New York guy saying, 'corn fields' can buy it as easily as anyone in Iowa.

The website Goldbelly sells food from popular local restaurants, bakeries and farms all over the country. Iowa's lone contribution is Vande Farms out of Iowa Falls. Best know for their amazing bacon, you can buy it with a simple click of the mouse!

Vande Farms write-up says,

Vande Rose Farms’ Duroc premium pork is known for its rich color and juicy and tender meat. Sounds like the beginning of some mighty fine bacon to us. The pork comes from local Iowa family farmers, who follow 175 year old traditions for raising heritage, award winning American Duroc pigs. We admire their dedication to producing premium pork sustainably without antibiotics, growth hormones or animal byproducts. Dry cured with hand crafted rubs, Vande Rose Farms’ highly praised bacon is slow roasted over applewood chips for an understated smoky flavor that has taken over 100 years for them to perfect. It’s time to bring home better bacon.

With a smashing 4.5 rating, and boasting Men's Health magazine once called their bacon one of the 'World's Best Bacon's', who wouldn't wanna try it?


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