Our pet of the week this week is oodles and boodles of cuteness – he's a poodle! Meet Ace:


Ace came into the shelter as stray, but he loves to be held. He's very much a lapdog, but will take every opportunity to explore a new environment.

During his visit to the studio he was very quiet, he didn't bark at all. According to the Humane Society, he's a bit more vocal in a kennel, mostly because he's not a fan and he wants to let you know.

The shelter does require that if his new home has children, they must be 12 years of age or older because of his small size, along with the fact that he is fine boned. Ace is estimated to be about 5-7 years old at this point.

He does need a bit of training, specifically in the potty department. But the good news there is that he's the perfect size to learn to use potty pads inside. He is just $105 to adopt, and that takes care of all necessary shots and procedures before he leaves.

Go meet him now at the Humane Society of Scott County.


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