Halloween may be long over, but we're keeping the spooky season going with our latest pet of the week! Meet Danny:


Danny is just 5 months old, so he's still got some growing and filling out to do.

Right now, he's an enthusiastic kitten. He loves to roam and explore everywhere he possibly can. That being said, he might be a little hard to track down in the house at first. With a bit of love and socialization though, you'll have a devoted lap cat.

Danny is already neutered, so he's just about ready to head out the door to a good home! His adoption fee is just $75, and that'll take care of any other shots he needs before he leaves the shelter.

Note: Apparently he's not a big fan of the song "Danny Boy," but he was purring up a storm in studio, so maybe he's just more of a current hits kind of cat.

You can meet him today over at the Humane Society of Scott County.

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