We're keeping with our spooky theme this week! Last week, our spotlight pet was Prize, a mostly black cat. Thanks to you, he got adopted! Our spooky pet this week is actually a bunny duo: Hopalong Cassie and Dutch. How are bunnies spooky you ask? Check out the Bunnicula books; they'll change your world.

In reality, these two aren't spooky at all, they're just snugglers. This is Hopalong Cassie:


And this is Dutch:


They are nine weeks old, so they still have a bit of growing to do, but not very much. Dutch in particular is a smaller breed of rabbit.

Rabbits are awesome first pets, especially for kids around 12 years or older. They're quiet, and get their exercise just by running around your home. You will have to bunny-proof things a bit; they tend to gnaw at wood and wires.

Both Cassie and Dutch are available now at the Humane Society of Scott county for $50 each!

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