Looking for some luck in 2019? Having a few rabbit's feet in the house might not be a bad idea. In fact, why don't you just take the whole rabbit! Enter Lino, our pet of the week:


Lino is a Lionhead rabbit, aptly named because he has a mane like a lion. But he's not so tough. He loves to be cuddled and carried. According to the Humane Society, that love only increases as rabbits are socialized more in the home.

As far as food goes, rabbits love veggies and greens. Their diet is very easy.

At this point, he is fully grown; he came into the Humane Society of Scott County as a stray. He'd be a perfect first pet for a family who maybe doesn't want as much work as a cat or dog would require.

To adopt Lino, it'll cost just $50 and that takes care of all necessary medical shots and procedures he'd need to go home with you.

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