It's bunny season! And by that I mean, Easter time, a time to love bunnies. A lot of families take in rabbits around this time, and it can be rough. Rabbits require different care than other pets.

But if you're ready to bring in a furry, floppy friend, say hello to Pango!


Pango is a female lionhead rabbit. They're aptly named; just look at her little mane! She styled it just for us. From what time we've spent with Pango, she loves to snuggle up with you, as long as you hold her securely. In addition to snuggles, she loves her greens – but according to Pam, no iceberg lettuce!

She eats mostly veggies, and at this point she is fully grown. You can meet her at the Humane Society of Scott County! It'll cost just $50 to adopt her, and that takes care of the spaying. She'll be just in time to be your Easter bunny!

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