Our first pet of the week for October is a true prize. Literally, his name is Prize! We decided to go the extra mile and bestow a B100 Knighthood on him though, so technically he's Sir Prize. Check out his cute little face:


Prize is just 1 year old, but he is fully grown. He loves to cuddle, and came to the shelter with declawed front paws, which means those snuggles will never hurt! Prize also loves to butt heads. Not in an aggressive, but more so in a "I want to burrow into you, please love me" way.

He loves to explore, so you might have to go looking for him in the house every once in awhile, but he'll always come out when he's feeling like it.

If you want to adopt Prize, he's just $20 at the Humane Society of Scott County! This is a deal they have going on all month long on adult, black or mostly black cats. The fee will take care of all medical procedures and vaccinations he needs before he goes out the door!

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