We all know the famous mice, Mickey and Minnie. Now, we've got famous cats: Micky and Mindie.

This is Micky:


And this is his sister Mindie:


They are 5 months old, and love to play with each other. It's not required that they be adopted together, but it's definitely encouraged! They look out for each other, so they can definitely keep themselves entertained if you're busy! They even look like a yin yang symbol; Micky is mostly black with a little white, and Mindie is mostly white with a little black.

The adoption fee is $75 per cat, which covers all their shots, spaying and neutering, and medical checks before they head home with you. You can meet them now at the Humane Society of Scott County!

Know someone looking to add furry friends to the family? Send this post their way!

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