Isn't the phrase supposed to be "APRIL showers bring May flowers?"

I guess considering the crazy winter we had, it shouldn't be surprising that Spring is just as unpredictable. Unfortunately, predictions for the next few days aren't looking promising. According to the Quad City Times, rain forecasts are looking bad enough to suspend flood clean-up efforts in Davenport.

In fact, residents are being encouraged to keep their protection efforts in place, or put them back if they've already been taken down. Per the report:

Because of predicted rises — 18 feet to possibly 20 feet — Davenport is suspending street and riverfront cleaning and sandbag collection activities until further notice. Individuals who still have sandbags at their location and who are impacted at river levels of 18 to 20 feet are encouraged to keep, and/or, put their flood protection back in place.

The bright of this is that temperatures will at least be warm. It just might be humid now. The main hope is that no more houses or businesses are hurt by flooding.

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