I was actually getting a hard time from a coworker the other day because I didn't mention the slick sidewalks on the air. This got me thinking, if you road isn't cleared or public sidewalks are still covered in the snow, how do you handle that in the Quad Cities?

Thank goodness for our local news part Local 4 WHBF for looking into how to handle this slippery situation.

[via Local 4 WHBF]

Local 4 spoke with Madison Jordan, an ER nurse at Genesis, who recommends walking like a penguin by shuffling your feet. After reading this, I totally went outside to our parking lot (which is still covered in ice) and it worked!

Unfortunately, we have all fallen during an icy winter or two. Jordan does recommend that if you do fall, get up slowly. If you are alone, you should call for help if possible. I know we all feel embarrassed after falling, but remember that it happens to all of us and it really can do some damage to you.

I sprained my ankle on Christmas eve when there wasn't even any snow. But falling on ice or snow could put you in a lot of pain. Jordan mentioned when speaking to Local  News, to "not hesitate to go to an urgent care or an emergency room depending on how you feel."

Here is how to contact each city in the Quad Cities about snow removal.

  • Bettendorf -- info on policies or to ask for snow or ice, click here.
  • Davenport -- contact Public Works 563-326-7923, or more info here to speak with someone about snow and ice removal.
  • Moline -- Report any street or sidewalk issues, by calling 309-524-2400, or click here for more info.
  • Rock Island -- Public Works Municipal Services Division is in charge of the snow and ice removal. Visit their website or call 309-732-2200.
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