I hope you haven't put your snow boots and parkas back in storage yet!

It was a messy weather week, giving us everything from pouring rain to fog to ice and sleet. When it broke, it seemed like we might be able to get through the rest of this Winter. After all, according to the famous Groundhog, it wasn't supposed to last as long this year!

Well, Punxsutawney Phil might want to go back to meteorology school, because this week Mother Nature is gearing up to throw round two at us. Right now, we're supposed to get snow every single day, except for Wednesday.

Now, there is a way to have fun with this. Thanks to local meteorologist Andy McCray, we now have a fun weather game: bingo!  Check out the card:

Per his rules, you must cover all squares to truly get bingo. Then again, how hard is that really going to be?

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