Well, we made it further into October before worrying about snow this year! Last year, it snowed on October 12th in the Quad Cities. (Thank you Instagram story archive for allowing to be able to hunt down that exact date). This year, we made it to October 28th.

Now, we knew that there was a chance for snow this week. It just wasn't a super high chance, and it was supposed to happen in the overnight hours on Tuesday. For the most part, that's still true. It will hit in the later hours of the evening.

KWQC reports that snow will move in tonight at 10 p.m., starting as rain. It's expected to turn into snow by midnight. Expert predict that the snow "will last about 3-4 hours at any one given location resulting in an inch or less in the QC and 2" or more NW of the QC."

Basically, it shouldn't be too much of a problem. But some roads may be a bit slippery in the morning, so be extra careful!

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