If you've been holding off on turning on the heat, you might finally have to cave this weekend. Not only are we getting true Fall weather, but we're even flirting with Winter!

According to WQAD, the Quad Cities might see some frost roll in tomorrow night and Saturday morning. Per their meteorology department, "Generally, frost occurs with air temperatures around 37 degrees or lower. Skies must also be clear and winds light...two things we have checked off the list for Saturday morning."

So if you've got sensitive vegetation out (i.e. corn mazes and pumpkins) be sure to take proper precautions. Ironically, the 2018 Farmer's Almanac notes that Friday is the day of the month to harvest below-ground crops. Then again, maybe that's not a coincidence.

Already tired of the midwest weather swings? The Almanac also notes that this weekend is actually the best time in September to move. It's kind of a quick turnaround, but almanacs never lie! (Right?)


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