If you were trying to give up Winter for Lent, well...it was a nice thought.

Unfortunately, it looks like we're still in for more winter weather. Sure, the official first day of Spring is supposed to be two weeks from today, on March 20th. And maybe we'll get some warmer temps that week.

But in the coming days, we definitely will not. Here's what the National Weather Service in the Quad Cities is predicting:

Now, the nice thing about this is that the Quad Cities isn't predicted to get the worst of it. We'll only have to deal with an inch or two. (But we know that even that can really mess up the roads). Our friends in Galesburg and up toward Iowa City on the other hand? Not so fun.

With any luck this will truly be the last Winter blast we get before temps finally shoot up. Then again, we live in the Midwest – when is luck ever on our side with weather?

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