Slowly but surely – or, depending on the day, quite severely – temperatures are dropping in the Midwest. Minnesota has already seen huge snowfalls. In's Minnesota. You could probably call it Minne-snow-ta for a good portion of the year. But snow is inching closer to home now.

In fact, according to KWQC, snow is entirely possible in the Quad Cities next week. That's the bad news. The good news is, the chances for it are slim, and only during a small window. Per their report, the chance for snow is "mainly in overnight hours" and is not projected to be enough to stick.

Right now, snow is most likely to hit on Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. But, according to the weather experts, that time frame can change and if it does, the entire forecast changes. As KWQC notes, "If it arrives in the day time it will be a cold rain. If it arrives at night we could see a few wet snowflakes."

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