During the start of this COVID outbreak we saw many people take to the internet with hopes of spending their quarantine getting in shape. Many body builder and trainers have taken to the internet to train since gyms currently aren't a hot commodity due to the pandemic.  Walking, jogging, and running have also become very popular especially with the weather cooling down. We are sure to see more people out and about taking advantage of the fresh fall air here in the QC.

One form of exercise that increased in popularity during 2020 was biking.

"In April, bikes sales grew 75% year over year; in June, 63%. Those numbers were even greater in categories like inexpensive leisure bikes (203%) and mountain bikes (150%), as those represent the styles most used by those driving the boom."

Another two wheeled trend is scooters. Places like Cedar Rapids, Iowa have seen a huge comeback with E-Scooters. Even though this technically doesn't count as physical activity, it's still a great way to get outside with friends while still being able to socially distance.

"We've seen higher numbers than last year so far. It varies day to day with the weather but roughly 1,000 or so rides a day, which is pretty impressive."


The trend seems to be moving away from the enticement of phones and social media to online working out (which still feels funny to say) Quarantine makes you realize you can only sit around staring at a screen for so long before you need a change. Going outside to get some cardio in, at least while the weather is still nice, is a great addition to daily life.

With Midwest weather being so unpredictable we could be seeing that cold weather and snow start to push people inside. Who knows, maybe treadmills will be the next big thing.

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