A few months ago I talked about things that were selling surprisingly well in 2020. From boats, pools, fire pits, and more. Now it looks like bikes have joined that list. It makes sense, all these things and hobbies can been done outside, and allow people to social distance.

This cycling boom has many current cyclists excited. Many are hoping that this can offer a chance to permanently alter cities with bike-friendly changes.

According to Axios,

In April, bikes sales grew 75% year over year; in June, 63%. Those numbers were even greater in categories like inexpensive leisure bikes (203%) and mountain bikes (150%), as those represent the styles most used by those driving the boom.

As of now not many changes are being made to make things more bike-friendly. It appears that people are waiting to see if this biking boom is just a response to the pandemic or if it is a possible long-term change that will outlive this virus itself.

I've seen many people jump onto the bike, and scooter trend over the past year. We may be seeing more bike-friendly laws and designs sooner rather than later.

If you are interested in cycling or more information, it can be found here. 

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