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Road construction sign.

Residents of Bettendorf need to prepare for road construction happening on Middle Road beginning tomorrow. This road work is expected to last until the middle of August.

On Monday, city of Bettendorf officials announced in a social media post that starting tomorrow (Wednesday), June 24th, motorist should begin seeing construction on Middle Road. This construction is expected to last until the middle of August, depending on weather.

The construction on Middle Road is happening between Belmont Road and Woodfield Drive. The work done on Middle Road will consist of a full depth concrete patching, along with storm intake reconstruction.

City of Bettendorf officials said that this construction on Middle Road will be done in two stages. According to the city officials,

The first stage of the construction will close the two westbound (north) lanes with two-way traffic being moved to the eastbound (south) lanes. The second stage will close the two eastbound (south) lanes with two-way traffic being moved to the reconstructed westbound (north) lanes.

Wednesday, June 24th is looking to be a good day to begin construction. The project may last longer than the middle of August depending on weather though.

Any Bettendorf residents that have any questions or want to request any information on the new construction beginning on Middle Road, they can contact the Bettendorf Public Works Department at 563-344-4055. Bettendorf residents can keep up to date on the construction and other projects on the city of Bettendorf's Facebook page.

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