We have been enjoying a late summer and warm fall temps, but that could all soon be changing.  Yeah, I'm talking about the "s" word.  Snow.

While it appears the chances of snow will stay to the west and north of the Quad Cities, a large portion of Iowa could be seeing flakes on Sunday.  Some forecasts have snow in the forecast from Cedar Rapids and everything north and west.  Others, show the entire state of Iowa and a large portion of Northern Illinois with a chance for snow.

Currently, weather.com is saying 50% chance of precipitation with low temps of 34 over the weekend.  I'm going to believe them.  While that will be cold and the perfect weekend to binge watch some shows, at least it will keep the temps above freezing and eliminate the chance of snow in the Quad Cities.

However, be warned if you are planning to travel this weekend, you may be running into winter weather.  Looking at the Northern Wisconsin forecast (sorry Mom) they have the lovely rain/snow mix in the forecast for Friday and straight up snow in the forecast for Monday.

As I discovered when the first cold snap came through the Quad Cities at the end of September, the earliest we've seen measurable snow in the Quad Cities was October 18, with the latest snow coming on January 4th.  Normally, the snow doesn't really stick till November 22.  As long as we can walk around for Halloween without snow boots I'll be good.

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