Most people always hope and look forward to a "white Christmas." But after that we are all done with our excitement of snow. Sadly 2021 is hitting us hard. Compared to 2020's snow season this year has been crazy! With Countless snow storms, accidents, and freezing temps. I and many others in the Midwest can't stand six more weeks of winter.

I personally am tired of all the shoveling.

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With winter seeming like it's far from over here in the Quad Cities, us Quad-citizens can keep each other safe while we deal with it. Remember to shovel your walkways, drive safely, and dress accordingly. We are seeing incredibly low temps with all this snow as well.

We here at the B100 studio are over this snow and like many other Quad citizens just want it to be over!

@b100qcCan it please stop snowing?! #snow #QuadCities #Iowa #illinois #B100♬ In The End - Mellen Gi Remix - Tommee Profitt

According to the Washington Post, a majority of Americans don't even like snow.

"Only about 1 in 10 of us call it our favorite season."

Glad one out of ten people are enjoying this! It's important to remember we are all in this together, and that it's almost over! Stay safe out there Quad Cities.

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Safety Tips For Surviving the Quad Cities Cold Temps


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