Do you hear that? It's the sound of a can of worms opening up with this article. It's time to tackle the debate of who has the best pizza in Davenport. Why is this perfect timing? Because today is National Pizza Day. Whether you agree with it or not, these are truly the top 10 pizza places in Davenport.

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In this series of articles, we will look at the top pizza places in each of the cities in the Quad Cities. We'll start with the largest city in the area, Davenport.

Davenport, Iowa

How are you getting this list?

Before you get all mad at us for making this list, let me say that this isn't us trying every pizza place in Davenport. As much as we would love to do that, we looked at the one spot where locals let their voices be heard and give scores of their favorite and least favorite pizza places: Yelp.

Please tell me this is about local pizza places.

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We looked at Yelp to determine the top 10 pizza places in Davenport. We only had one slice of criteria when it came to ranking these places:

  • It has to be a locally-owned pizza establishment.

That means Pizza Hut, Papa John's, Marco's, and those other chains were out of the running.

We did leave Happy Joe's in here because it was founded in the Quad Cities. If you disagree with this move, get over it.

Are you taking style into consideration?


We also know what you're thinking/wondering:

There are so many different types of pizza like Quad-City style pizza! That HAS to make a difference!

Nope. This ranking is solely based on each pizza place's rating on Yelp. The style, the taste, the atmosphere, etc., are all a part of these reviews. Yes, some people like the other menu items than just pizza, but pizza is on the menu at each of these establishments and many reviews mention the pizza.

We love Quad-City style pizza and are proud to call it a staple, but that has no factor in this list unless you left a review saying it did.

Here are the top 10 pizza places in Davenport according to you and other residents of Davenport.

The Top 10 Pizza Places In Davenport According To Yelp

It's time to settle the debate about who has the best pizza in Davenport. To make this list, we looked at the one website that tells us which places the Davenport locals love the most: Yelp. We had one stipulation when making this list, the place must be local.

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