This might be the funniest, purest thing I've seen all week – well, in several weeks actually.

You hear of people befriending odd animals all the time. In fact, a story just went viral a few weeks ago about a little girl who seemingly had an animal posse, a lá Disney princess. But this guy from Moline? He befriended a horse – a construction horse.

Yes, those things that construction crews put up with the orange stripes to restrict certain sections of road. And that's really how it started. According to WQAD, a water main broke back in 2018 just out front of Matt Hart's house.

Crews came out, fixed the main, but left the horse out, since the sidewalk still needed to be repaved. So, Hart adopted it (he literally printed an adoption form for it).

He dressed it for holidays, his kids embraced it as a sibling, it even got invited to Thanksgiving with the in-laws! Oh, and Hart named it Moe!

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