Not everyone this Memorial Day weekend enjoying the weather, grilling out, and spending time with family. Hundreds of volunteers over the weekend gave up their time to try and help find missing 11-year-old Xavior Harrelson, who has been missing from his hometown of Montezuma, IA since Thursday afternoon.

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The Poweshiek County Sheriff's Office and hundreds of volunteers were busy this weekend as their search for a missing 11-year-old boy continued. Xavior Harrelson, 11, of Montezuma went missing on Thursday, May 27th around 11:00 a.m.

According to officials from the Poweshiek County Sherrif's office, Harrelson is possibly wearing red t-shirt, blue pajama pants and black high top shoes. Xavior is approximately 4' 8" tall, and 100 lbs. He has brown hair and blue eyes. If you or anyone knows his whereabouts or has seen Xavior, contact the Poweshiek County Sheriff's Office on the special number in regards to this case at 641-623-2107.

Over the Memorial Day weekend, the law enforcement officials from the Poweshiek County Sheriff's Office lead search parties to try and find Harrelson.

On Sunday, law enforcement officials asked for the public’s assistance with searching for Xavior. Roughly 375 volunteers and 125 law enforcement officials, according to KCRG, met at the  Montezuma High School north parking lot at 9 a.m. on Sunday.

The search for Xavior on Sunday expanded to a 1-mile radius around Xavior's home. Saturday's search, which was done by first responders and law enforcement only, was a half-mile radius around his home, which included Diamond Lake.

The search on Sunday ended early in the afternoon. Sunday was also Xavior's 11th birthday.

As of now, no other search parties are being scheduled to find find Xavier. Montezuma residents were asked to check their own properties and surveillance systems for any clues or evidence on the whereabouts of Xavior.

Again, law enforcement officials say that anyone with information related to Xavior’s disappearance are asked to call the Poweshiek County Sheriff’s Office at 641-623-2107.

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