Did you know August is National Sandwich Month?  Neither did we till it popped up on our timeline.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, a sandwich must have at least 35% cooked meat and be no more than 50% bread. (Of course this also brought us to the debate of is a hot dog a sandwich, and is a burger a sandwich...but we'll save those for another day!)

But the big debate around the office was who in the Quad Cities has the best sandwich.  Some argued for places with the best meats and toppings.  Others went the route of best bread.  Some of the cheaper folks around here focused on the price.  My argument to that was if it's a truly great satisfying sandwich, don't worry about the price!  After the way to long conversation was done (we had a super productive day) no conclusion was made.  So, we're going to let you vote.  With National Sandwich Month in full effect...who has the best in the Quad Cities?!    (Note: while realizing nearly every restaurant serves some sort of sandwich we are listing places that primarily serve sandwiches.)