I know, I know, we all agreed that after that miserable Winter we had, we wouldn't complain about the Summer. But it has been hot as heck in the Quad Cities this week, to the point where being outside was almost dangerous.

One woman has been making the most of staying inside though. Sharon Kargl, a Quad Cities resident is actually using the heat to make a blanket. According to WQAD, Kargl's been crocheting blankets since she was a kid.

This year, she's using the temperatures of each day to color code the blanket. Literally, every day; the blanket with have 365 crocheted lines when it's done. Kargl is using darker colors for cool temperatures, and then oranges and reds for the warmer days. Basically, it'll look like a big, cozy weather model.

How big? Per WQAD's report, it'll cover a queen-sized bed once the blanket is complete – all while capturing the insanity that has been the weather of 2019.

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