They say that black cats are bad luck, but you know what? They're actually wrong! In a lot of places, black cats are considered to be good luck, in fact. So allow us to put a little luck into your feed, in the form of our pet of the week.

Say hello to Anna!

Anna is a 1-year-old, who is a very curious cat. (Don't believe that old "curiosity" saying either!) She loves to explore and get the lay of the land. But once she does, she'll come right back to you and snuggle up.

My favorite thing about Anna? If you look really closely, you can see she almost has eyebrows; she's got a little line of white fur just above each eye.

At her age, she's just about full grown, and very light to carry. Anna does great with other cats, and we have a feeling she'd be just as good with dogs. You can meet her at the Humane Society of Scott County today!

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