The holiday season is slowly but surely creeping up; have your kids put "puppy" on their Christmas list yet? I used to put it on mine every year.

But puppies are a lot of work, especially if they're coming into a home as a first pet. Why not start with something a bit easier? And something your kids can cuddle just as much. Say hello to Oliver:

Oliver has been at the Humane Society of Scott County for just about two months now, which I vote is two months too long. He's a total sweetheart, and he loves snuggling up in the crook of your arm.

That said, Oliver would ideally like to have a sibling come to a home with him. Most guinea pigs tend to do better with a companion (then again, don't we all?). It'll cost you just $10 to bring Oliver home, and have a new member of the family!

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