Look out kids, we've got a pet of the week twofer this week! Not one cutie for you to meet, but two! Say hello to Lover Boy and Miracle.

They may not look like it, but these handsome fellows are both the same age: 5 months old. Lover Boy is a bit bigger-boned, but we're thinking he might just be growing a bit faster. Miracle is small right now, but if his tail is any indication, he could be a big boy!

Both cats are very sweet though. We're told that Miracle loves to curl up on your shoulder and lick your face, while Lover Boy is perfectly fine being held like a baby in your lap.

To adopt either one of these sweethearts, it'll cost just $75 per cat. That'll take care of every shot they need to head out the door and into their new home! You can meet Lover Boy and Miracle at the Humane Society of Scott County today!

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