Halloween might technically be over, but that doesn't mean we have to give up all Halloween-y stuff, right? Right. So, meet our definitely-not-a-vampire friend, Lestat!

In fact, Lestat is the exact opposite of how a vampire might act. He's loving, and seriously enjoys lounging around in the sun. And, given Lestat's history, it's pretty incredible how sweet he is.

Lestat came to the shelter after animal control received a call about an injured animal. They found him in a makeshift crate, with two clearly broken front legs. Fortunately, after some time and some pins, Lestat can walk, run and jump around these days.

Right now, his closest family is Officer McDaniel, his animal control escort. But he needs a real family to love and take care of him. He's just like any other cat, he just doesn't really like other cats.

Lestat really prefers to be the only pet in the home, so he can get all your love to himself. You can meet him at the Humane Society of Scott County today – though you will have to ask for him by name!

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