Thinking about putting a puppy under the tree this Christmas? If you're truly ready for one, make it this one. Say hello to Kisses:

Kisses is just 6 months old, and he's got a lot in him. We know there's chocolate lab in him for sure, and likely some rottweiler as well. The Humane Society thinks there might be some pit in Kisses too, but it's hard to tell.

He may be just a puppy, but he might be the calmest puppy I've ever seen. Kisses is really just a sweet old lap dog. That said, he's a heavy one. Right now, he's somewhere in the realm of 40 pounds. But the Humane Society estimates that he could get up to 90 pounds when he's fully grown.

But even then, he'll be a lap dog. He loves curling up on you and just getting pets. Kisses doesn't jump or anything when someone new comes in, though they do grab his attention.

You can adopt him from the Humane Society of Scott County today for just$105.

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