Did you ever read that book Bunnicula? It was about a vampire bunny — bunny meets dracula, a.k.a Bunnicula — who wasn't evil really, just evil looking. Okay, now you're ready to meet Kate, and her sister from another mister, Marble.

She's a 1-year-old guinea pig, and like Bunnicula, she has completely red eyes. It's kind of perfect for Halloween, isn't it? But again, she's not actually evil or possessed or anything. Sometimes red eyes just happen in guinea pigs. Usually though, it happens with white guinea pigs, so Kate is unique!

Kate is also easily stressed. She likes to crawl into the crook of your arm, or into your sweater if you're wearing one, so she can hide. It helps her relax when she's with her sister Marble.

Marble is also very sweet. As long as she's not stressed about her sister, she likes to be held and will often give little guinea pig kisses!

You can adopt both Kate and MArble for just $10 each today!

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