For Narniaaaaa!

Okay, now that it's out of our system, let's chat about our pet of the week, Aslan. Say hello!

Townsquare Media/Rob Creighton
Townsquare Media/Rob Creighton

Now, this Aslan doesn't talk (that we know of...) and he's never ruled Narnia, but he is a majestic cat. He's not quite a kitten anymore, but also not full grown. He's guesstimated to be about 2-3 years old, according to the shelter.

Aslan is a domestic long-haired cat, which means he's very fluffy. That said, it also means he sheds a lot. That'll subside though, provided he's brushed often and taken care of. He might wriggle around a bit, but he'll appreciate it.

That wriggling won't come from discomfort, but more so just a desire to run around and explore. He's a curious cat.

To adopt Aslan, it'll cost just $20, and that'll take care of everything he needs to head out the door. You can meet him today at the Humane Society of Scott County!

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