Coming back to work after a long weekend is always a double-edged sword right? It's nice to have had more time to relax, and nice to have a shorter work week, but that Tuesday you're always playing catch-up.

So right now, we're giving you permission to take a break from playing catch-up, so you can meet this cutie. Say hello to our pet of the week, Dixie:

She's a 2-year-old Terrier mix, though we aren't sure what the mix is. My theory is that it's Dalmatian, given her coloring and a few spots she has, but I'm no expert.

Dixie loves just about everyone. She gets along with dogs, cats, AND kids, so she'd be the perfect addition to your family. She's on the smaller side, so she won't take up too much of the house, and she does great with walks.

You can meet her today at the Humane Society of Scott County!

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