You know, even as I typed the words "Barrel the Pointer," they felt a bit funny. But it's rude to make fun of someone's identity, and I wouldn't dare do it to our pet of the week. This is truly, Barrel the Pointer!

Before today, I had never seen a pointer. But let me tell you, the video doesn't quite show how beautiful Barrel is. It definitely doesn't tell you how soft he is. It's particularly surprising, considering he came into the Humane Society of Scott County as a stray.

Let me tell you though, Barrel is smart. It makes sense, given that Pointers are meant to be hunting dogs. They learn fast. Barrel needs a family with a little bit of time and patience to start, but he'll pick up on training quickly.

At four years old, Barrel is already full grown, and estimated to be in the realm of 80 pounds, so he's a big boy. But don't worry, he does just fine with kids and other animals!

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