You ever think about why they call it "puppy love?" According to the interwebs, it's because the love is intense, but shallow. If you ask me, that's kind of off; love from and toward a puppy is definitely intense, but not shallow.

I would argue it gets deep pretty quick! I mean, just look at Gilly:


If you tell me you aren't madly in love at first sight....well, you must be a cat person. In our studios, we fell in love with Gilly right away. But unfortunately, he can't live at a radio station. He needs a home!

At this point, that home will have to be one that's patient and understanding. Gilly is just 10 months old; he still has a bit of training to go through to understand what's okay and what isn't.

He doesn't quite know his name yet, but he's the most affectionate pup. Regardless of what you call him, he'll be 100% yours. You can meet him at the Humane Society of Scott County!

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