If you're a dog lover, and also a Game of Thrones lover, our pet of the week might be perfect for you. Meet Ivory:


She's a 1 year-old schnauzer, with hair as silvery as the dragon queen herself. Ivory doesn't breath fire, or rule over seven kingdoms (that we know of), but she is looking for just one kingdom to reside in.

She came into the humane society as a stray, and is very friendly. She loves kids, and does just fine with other animals, but it helps to have them come in with you to meet her, just in case.

Ivory also does well with being held and cuddled. She'll happily chill on the couch with you until she's ready to get up. When she is, she'll let you know, but in a nice way.

You can adopt Ivory for just $105 and meet her today at the Humane Society of Scott County!

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