In my opinion, everyday should be "bring your pet to work" day. Unfortunately it's not. But it is Tuesday, and that means at the B100 studio, we've got a new pet of the week to introduce you to!

Say hello to Katie:


According to the Humane Society of Scott County, Katie is a Shih Tzu/Maltese mix. She's very energetic, and will definitely jump up to greet you with lots of kisses when you come home.

After that, she'll probably just want to run around a little bit. We were initially told she wasn't a cuddler, but a few people in our studio held her for a bit and she loved it – especially when they rubbed her tummy.

Odds are, she's just picky about who she gives her affection too. You can find out if it'll be you when you visit! Katie's a small pup and at this point she is fully grown. It'll cost just $105 to adopt her and you can meet her at the Humane Society today.

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