Welcome to the week that's going to mess you up on what day it is for another full week! You've got normal days Monday-Wednesday, holiday on Thursday and then (for many) back to work on Friday.

Even so, it's a shortened week —  morale is high. And we'd like to introduce you to someone who will raise it even more. Say hello to Lenor!


It's pretty easy to guess Lenor's mix; she's part pitbull and part boxer. (All parts adorable). She's estimated to be about four years old, and has been at the shelter for a few months now.

Lenor loves to cuddle. She'll come right up and plop down with you if she's getting pets out of the deal. Otherwise, she's running around playing! She's very energetic, in a respectful way.

She does well with kids, cats and other dogs, although it's better if those dogs are closer to her size. You can meet Lenor in person at the Humane Society of Scott County!

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