Brace yourself: cuteness is coming.

Seriously, stop now if you can't handle it.

Last warning!

Okay, say hello to our next pet of the week, Macaroni!

Macaroni is just 4 months old, and came to the Humane Society of Scott County as a stray. Despite that, he's actually very sweet. He doesn't seem to be afraid of anyone – humans, dogs, or otherwise.

In fact, he loves to lick people. If he realizes that you want to love on him, he'll probably lay out "superman" style for you. Every once in awhile he'll try to wander off and explore, but that's any kitten. Worth noting though: Macaroni does NOT try to run off; he'll basically just saunter.

At this point, Macaroni is already good to go. He's had his tests, his necessary shots and been well-socialized. And since he's under a year old, it'll cost just $75 to adopt him today!

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