When it comes to adorable animals, I try not to play favorites. Every single ones deserves all the love. But when it comes to names, there are definitely some that stand out, and our pet of the week has one.

Say hello to Mr. Magoo!


He's a very young mister, at just eight weeks old right now. So far, he's had a rough start to his life. According to the Humane Society, Mr. Magoo had a head injury when he came in as a stray.

As a result, there was fluid on is brain which caused issues with his motor skills and he couldn’t see. The good news is, he appears to have recovered all of his motor skills! He does have limited vision; he can see from the right eye but sees very little to nothing out of his left eye.

Regardless, he's as playful and loving as any kitten. You can meet him today at the Humane Society of Scott County!

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