Happy (official) spooky season! Let's start the month off with a treat, shall we? Say hello to our pet of the week, Tobi:

Tobi has an extra special place in my heart because I GOT TO NAME HER! Tobi is short for Toblerone (because...chocolate...get it?!).

Tobi about three months old, and said to be a mix of chocolate lab and (probably) dachshund. I came very VERY close to taking her myself. But i can't take on a puppy right now, and Tobi needs a family who can.

From what we've seen, Tobi does just fine with kids and other animals. She came right up to us for some pets. If you want to adopt her, it'll cost just $105, and that'll take care of everything she needs to head out the door.

Right now, our friends at the Humane Society are over capacity, so if you or anyone you know is missing a pet or looking to add one to the family, pay the Humane Society a visit! Let's help these animals!

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