At 8 months old, humans do little more than scream, cry, and make weird noises (and smells). But for cats, 8 months old is basically their teenage years. Their personality is developing and they're a little sassy — then again, I guess all cats have some sass.

But this particular 8-month-old isn't sassy, she's very sweet! Her name is Truley, and she needs a home.


Right now, Truley is a cuddly little cat. She loves being held, and she'll make herself very comfortable with you as long as you're scratching her. We had many people in our building lining up to meet her, and Truley snuggled up with each one in turn.

As far as interacting with other animals goes, Truley hasn't had much experience! But if you bring your fur babies with you to meet her, the Humane Society can set up a test run.

To adopt her, it'll cost just $75. You can meet her today at the Humane Society of Scott County!

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