This Tuesday, we had a very special visitor: Tuesday! (Is it as weird to read as it was to type/say? Awesome). Meet our latest fur friend:


Tuesday is just seven months old, so she's very much still a kitten. That said, she is just about fully grown. According to Pam, Tuesday will gain some weight, but that tends to happen when all you do is eat and nap. Worth noting: cat's have awesome lives.

Of course, Tuesday will do more than just lay around. Being a kitten, she loves to run around and play. The Humane Society notes that she's particularly fond of dangly toys; Tuesday loves reaching up to bat at them.

The rumor is that Tuesday doesn't love to be held, but she snuggled right into the arms of one of our team members. Maybe she's just selective! Give her a chance, and you will almost certainly bond.

It'll cost just $75 to adopt Tuesday from the Humane Society of Scott County.

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