It's that time of the week again – tail-waggin' Tuesday! This week, we're highlighting a sweetheart by the name of Winnie!

Winnie is estimated to be about 1-2 years old, and is a terrier mix. This does mean that she sheds, so she may not be the best fit for those with allergies. Especially because she loves to cuddle up next to you.

Once she scoped out our studio, she hopped right up in my lap on the couch and just camped out for a bit. Winnie is very okay with being held, and only weighs about nine pounds, so it's easy to carry her around with you.

My guess is that she was named for Winnie the Pooh, but Pam seems to think it's because Winnie does whine a bit. But, she guesses that's because Winnie just wants all of your attention. She likes the spotlight.

It'll cost just $105 to adopt her from the Humane Society of Scott County today!

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