It's Friday, and Fridays are good days to begin with. But any day is made better with some good news, and this news is just what my soul needed this week.

According to The Dispatch-Argus, fewer animals ended up at the Rock Island County Animal Care & Control shelter last year than in 2017. Per their data, the exact estimation is figured to be about seven percent fewer new residents.

On top of that, the number of animals that were euthanized also went down overall.

The one dim spot is that adoptions also went down. Now, according to officials at the shelter, that's not too much cause for concern. They experience fluctuations every year; sometimes adoptions are up, sometimes they're down. There are a number of factors that play into the decision.

But if you're thinking you're ready to adopt a new furry family member, and you're on the Illinois side of the bridge, you can visit the shelter at 4001 78th Ave. in Rock Island.

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