It's the 2022 Spring Semester and we are heading out to schools with our awesome program with Nothing Bundt Cakes to honor and reward our awesome Quad Cities teachers and educators. It's called QC Teacher of the Week and we are so excited to announce this week's teacher of the week!

It's now time to announce this week's B100 and Nothing Bundt Cakes QC Teacher of the Week!

Congrats go to Mrs. Laura McCreery, who is an AP Biology teacher at Davenport North High School!

QC Teacher of the Week
QC Teacher of the Week Spring 2022

Mrs. McCreery was nominated by a student, Madison Jones. Madison said,

Mrs. McCreery at Davenport north high school is my favorite teacher because of her attitude to teaching and dedication to helping students. She is my AP bio teacher, and even though it is a large course load of challenging material, she's always happy to help a student out and explain the material multiple ways. I've never had a class where I look forward to doing hands on assignments as much as I do with this one. We do so many labs, but I never feel entirely lost. She is never too far away, and never let's you get too far off track. She's also very available outside of class time to help answer questions or check over assignments before we turn them in. Overall, I have never had a teacher that works so hard to ensure the success of all of their students.

Awesome job, Mrs. McCreery! For being our QC Teacher of the Week, Mrs. McCreery has been rewarded with a B100 Prize Pack which included a B100 stocking cap, stickers, Bubbl'r from Pepsi, and more things, plus an awesome cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes


Thank you for your hard work and dedication, Mrs. McCreery!

To nominate your favorite teacher for QC Teacher of the Week, click the button below:

Congrats to all of our Spring semester QC Teachers of the Week of 2022!

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