We had to spring ahead this weekend and lose an hour of sleep, but Mother Nature wanted to remind us that spring isn't here yet! High winds, and annoying snow has caused some dangerous driving conditions throughout the Quad Cities and the B100 listening area.

Last Monday I was driving with my windows down, today I was scraping snow off them. Needless to say this morning was not a fun one.


While we had plenty of warning about this annoying storm, it still caught most of us (including myself) a bit off guard since we haven't had too much snow in March the last few years.

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Thankfully experts don't expect this to stick around long. Temps will be back in the 40's on Tuesday and above 50 the rest of the week. Hopefully Spring break starts feeling like spring after today!

weather 2

You can learn more about the weather for today with the winter weather advisory, and the rest of the week here. Remember to drive safe and drive smart. Plows are out in full force, and that sludge has built up on most of the roads causing some serious hazards.

The winter of 2021 came in like a lamb and is truly going out like a lion.

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