Snow, freezing temperatures, ice, and many other things involving winter can lead to fender benders and crashes. The large amount of snow we've gotten in 2021 compared to other years has already most likely increased the statistics of accidents this year, so let's remove that factor.

There are still many things involving winter that can damage your car that have nothing to do with crashes.

If you leave your car outside and it snows, that snow can damage your car is by leaking into your vehicle. If the snow reaches the braking system, it could cause some serious damage. The longer it stays there the more it can damage. The damage to the seals and the pads in the system can cause brake fluid leaks. I recently had damage to my car because of this reason!

The surface of your brakes can rust too, so always try to avoid leaving your car buried for too long. Speaking of rust, salt and chemicals from the roads can mix with the snow sitting on top of your car, which could end up corroding the finish and the paint of your car. It can also cause your vehicle to rust even more, especially if it has exposed materials from unpainted areas, scrapes, or dents.

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One of the most common car problems due to snow is battery draining. This happens when you let your car sit for an extended period of time. If you leave your car buried until spring arrives, the battery might not be able to turn the engine over again.

More information about snow related car damage can be found here. 

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