For those of you still having to drive around the QC you may have noticed the season of road work is in full swing. No one loves road work so hopefully these updates can help you avoid those detours.

According to the Quad Cities Times, 34th Street closes in Moline today, April 30th. 34th Street from 4th Avenue to 12th Avenue will be closed to through traffic. The road is expected to be reopened by May 30th. So you want to keep an eye out for that this next month.

In Davenport, officials said there will be changes to the detour to all eastbound traffic off of East 53rd Street near Brady Street. One lane of westbound travel through the construction zone will remain.

City officials ask that those near the area be patient as crews work hard to improve the roadway. It's important to remember that while none of us are a fan of road work it is important, and helps our community, so patience is always key.

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