You know what makes the best stocking stuffer? A cat named Harlow.

Well, she may not love the idea of hanging out in a stocking, but she'll definitely curl up in your lap. Exhibit A:


Harlow is guessed to be about 1-2 years old. She came into the Humane Society of Scott County as a stray, and has arguably one of the best entrances.

According to Pam from the shelter, Animal Control got a call about an animal in distress. When they arrived, they found Harlow chilling out on an air conditioner...with a Doritos bag on her head. (We've all been there right?)

She loves to explore, but more often than not she'll make her way over to your lap to get some snuggles and pets.

Now Harlow is looking for a home for Christmas. To adopt her, it'll cost you only $20 and it'll take care of all the vaccines and medical procedures needed to head home. You can meet her at the Humane Society of Scott County today!

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